Men Full Beard Detangler

Shea Moisture

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Shea Moisture - Men Full Beard Detangler


  • Softer, smoother hair: Carrying goodness of Maracuja oil and Shea Butter, it makes the hair smoother and softer and enviably majestic
  • Rejuvenates: Maracuja oil and Shea Butter promote cell growth and rejuvenate skin for a healthier complexion
  • Tangle-free: With SheaMoisture Mens Beard Detangler, one can expect detangled hair which is easy to run your fingers through
  • Non-greasy: Is non-greasy, detangles easily and does not leave any residue behind or feels heavy on the skin

Get super-soft beard hair and ease out knots effectively with SheaMoisture Men’s Beard Detangler. Say goodbye to rough beard, knotted hair, dry and dull skin with this all nourishing formula from SheaMoisture and welcome smooth silky soft, lovable glossy beard and complexion. Loaded with richness of maracuja oil and conditioning properties of shea butter, this easy to apply and easy to seep in beard detangler not only makes it easy to manage your beard but also makes skin super soft. Formulated with natural ingredients this beard detangler softens thick, coarse hair and evens out complexion to give you a coveted immaculate look every day!