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Doctor in a Box Multi Functional Hair Treatment

Bronner Bros

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Bronner Bros - Doctor in a Box Multi Functional Hair Treatment


Doctor in a Box Temple And Top Balm 4 oz Invigorator Complex stimulates scalp & promotes growth Strengthens weak and damaged hair Lubricates dry hair Formulated for thinning temples and tops Doctor in a Box has one major goal, to make you look better. When your hair looks good, you look good; and when you look good, you feel better. We strengthen hair, soften it, condition it, make it smell nice and make it shine. We are the hair professionals. You will look better and feel better because the doctor is in.

  • 1. Conditions all hair types - Natural, Permed, Pressed, Braided 
  • 2. Detangles - Makes hair easy to comb and manageable 
  • 3. Nourishes the hair and scalp - With healing conditioners 
  • 4. Adds shine - Glossifiers add shine to make your hair vibrant 
  • 5. Softens and Moisturizes - The unique conditioning system penetrates the hair shaft while moisturizing magnets drive moisture back into the hair. 
  • 6. Strengthens damaged hair - Protein and emollients help to strengthen damaged hair 
  • 7. Hydrates dry, brittle hair 
  • 8. Soothes scalp - Special herbal complex soothes 
  • 9. Adds body and bounce 
  • 10. Helps protect hair during thermal styling Directions: After shampooing hair, rinse well and generously apply 10 in One Multi-functional Hair Treatment to your hair and scalp. Gently massage and wait while it nourishes your hair & scalp. Leave in for 3 to 20 minutes depending upon the amount of conditioning you need. Rinse well. Towel dry and style as desired. For even greater benefits, use our entire line of Doctor in a BoxTM hair & scalp remedies.