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Alfaparf Evolution 3D Tech Permanent Coloring Cream 2.05oz


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Alfaparf Milano Hair Color:

Is a permanent hair coloring cream, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and formulated without PPD. Evolution of the Color delivers color excellence, 100% grey coverage, longevity, and perfect hair integrity thanks to its innovative 3D technology and Italian formula.

The 3D Technology perfectly colors hair due to three exclusive components:

  • Multi Lamellar Vehicle (MLV) protects the pigments during the mixing phase to prevent oxidation and allow pigments to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Pigments remain small, and as a result, the cuticle remains undamaged, softer, and with a more vibrant color.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) delivers unbeatable, long-lasting color results with increased shine and exceptional hydration and conditioning properties. It allows a perfectly even color distribution and adherence, for better coverage and greater elasticity.
  • Hyper-Intense Color System (HCI) are crystallized micro-pigments to penetrate the shaft for a higher pigment concentration and minimal opening of the cuticle. Pigments transform into complex molecules that give an extremely pure and shiny end-result.


Mix Evolution of the Color with Oxid’o at a dilution ratio of 1:1.5 in a non-metallic bowl.
Apply the mixture to dry, unwashed hair. After 35 minutes treatment time, rinse well and shampoo. Treatment times are shorter if a source of heat is used.

First All-Over Color On Natural Hair:

Divide the head into four parts with one parting from one ear to the other and from the middle of the forehead to the nape, passing through the crown.

Apply the mixture to the whole length of the hair shaft and ends (starting 1-2 cm from the roots). Use Oxid’o 10% stronger than for the roots.
Then apply the color to the roots and leave for 35 minutes. Rinse, rub well and shampoo.
To dye to natural color or darker, apply the mixture (color cream and Oxid’o at 10% vol.) starting from the roots and working towards the ends in a single movement, with a treatment time of 35 minutes.

Coloring Roots:

Divide the head into four sections. Apply the mixture to the roots. To even out ends and faded lengths rub in for the last 10 minutes of treatment time. Rinse, rub well and shampoo.